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Mom’s Night Out

keep-calm-it-s-mom-s-night-outMOM’S NIGHT OUT SPECIAL – PAINTBALL – Friday 4 pm -10 pm only

$40.oo per person or ten or more people $35.00 per person

This package includes:

  • Entrance to the park and all fields
  • Paintball marker, full face mask and all paint balls you can shoot for Three hours w 1 hopper per game and all th games you can play!
  • You can add a meal deal of hamburger, hot dog or pizza, snack and a drink for additional $5
  • You can stay when your Three hours are up and use our equipment for no additional charge except the purchase of additional paint balls


Additional paint prices (after your three hours run out)

Midgrade Paintballs 500 rounds = $20.00
Midgrade Paintballs 1000 rounds = $35.00
Midgrade Paintballs 2000 rounds = $60.00

High-grade Paintballs 500 rounds = $25.00
High-grade Paintballs 1000 rounds = $40.00
High-grade Paintballs 2000 rounds = $75.00