Phone: (772) 812-0000

FEES & PRICING no personal checks. all u can shoot includes unlimited games played w 1 hopper per game

Moms date night Every Friday  We are open from 4-10pm, drop off the kids at 4

PM hours of fun with 3  full hours of all you can shoot paintballs … go out to

dinner and pick them up at 10 pm . We provide entrance , all the gear and ALL

THE PAINTBALLS TOO!including  unlimited games. All for $39 per person (if you

have 10 0r more then the price drops to $35 per person) 



Full all feild entrance , Full rental package

$45.oo per player or with 10 or more players $40.00 per

player.(any 3 hours )


 ♦ Basic Entrance  $20.


            At InVINCibles we host birthday themed games for your party

                                 The Ultimate Birthday Party Package

                                                  “AS GOOD AS IT GETS “

4 Hours up to 10 players AND ALL THE PAINT YOU CAN SHOOT!!!!!

“THE BEST PART ” Birthday warrior becomes president elect , he must pick his own “secret service agents” they must escort him from his crashed airplane down in hostile lands through enemy territory to the safety of our his 2 story Sikorsky helicopter . If he survives this mission he must take his position as commander and chief of InVINCibles at an awards ceremony held in his honor (right after the game) where he will receive an “EXTREME GAME SURVIVOR” medal and the applause of his troops. Your party doesn’t have to join other high end players.

WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU!! Including YOU get the royal treatment as PRESIDENT for the day!!

This package includes:

  • Entrance to the park and all fields
  • Three hours of (AYCS) all you can shoot
  • We provide all the snacks, pizza, drinks and unlimited water
  • Your personal referee and your own private playing area
  • There are not additional fees for re-gassing of air with this package
  • You are escorted for the full four hours by your own private referee. This party option gives you a field all to yourself and no high end players and your very own PARTY AREA set up before you arrival to the park All games are designed with the birthday person in mind


♦Free entrance

♦Free rental gear

♦$125 for 6 mo OR $200.00 for the year for VIP MEMBERSHIP

♦15% off of all store items







*NOTE: Field paint ONLY to be used on Invincibles Paintball Fields.
Any players caught using unauthorized paintballs will be asked to leave the field
and may be permanently banned from playing on all Invincibles Paintball fields.