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InVINCibles Paintball Waiver Release Form

Safety Rules

We Put Safety FIRST!

Everyone who visits and plays at InVINCibles Paintball Park is required to fill out a RELEASE FORM.
If you are under 18 you MUST have a parent or guardian sign this form on your behalf. Click the Waiver Download button above for a printable release form. Having the release form filled out and signed prior to arriving to the park will save you time when checking in.

Compared to the most popular sports around, paintball is safe. This is largely due to the emphasis that manufacturers and most players have always put on safety. If proper precautions are taken, there is little to be feared from a day playing paintball either on a commercial field or out in the woods.

Marker Safety

  • Never fire, or even point, your marker at anything you do not intend to shoot.
  • Calibrate your marker to make sure your paintballs are not traveling any faster than 300 feet per second (“cranking up” the velocity of your marker only causes more balls to break in your barrel and less accuracy– while also having the potential to hurt your fellow players)
  • Do not turn off the trigger safety switch until the game has begun.
  • Turn the safety back on immediately at the end of the game.
  • Always use a barrel plug or barrel sleeve. Do not remove it until either the game has begun or you have been instructed to by an official
  • Store and transport your paintball marker unloaded, with the trigger safety switch on, with a barrel plug/sleeve in, and with the CO2/compressed air tank detached. This is not only a safety measure; it is also the law in most states.
  • Never look down the barrel, whether you think the gun is loaded or not
  • Keep your hands and face away from any moving parts on the marker. Usually this is not a problem because the moving parts are inside the paintball gun, but some models have moving parts on the outside.
  • Never place a finger or any object into the chamber of your paintball marker while the CO2/compressed air tank is connected

Equipment Safety

  • Always wear a mask with goggles whenever you are in the same area as paintball guns with their CO2/compressed air tanks attached
  • Never tamper with the valve of the CO2/compressed air tank. Always have a professional airsmith do any modifications to your air-delivery system
  • Wear clothing that covers as much skin as possible (even when it’s hot!)

Playing Safety

  • Never shoot at anyone that is not wearing a mask
  • Never shoot at any object that is not meant to be shot at
  • Do not vandalize
  • Never shoot at any animal
  • Never fire in public places or places where un-masked people, animals, or objects not meant to be shot may be present
  • Stop firing at the conclusion of a game, and do not fire until the game has begun or an official has given permission
  • If you are within 25 feet of a person, yell “BANG” and that will be consider a shot the other person and to be eliminated

Follow these common-sense safety rules and everyone will end up having a better time!

  • Never remove your goggles on the field or in the elimination zone. Newer players tend to want to remove their goggles as soon as they’re eliminated from the game or just to clear the goggles. This is extremely dangerous for reasons covered in the safety section.
  • When you are eliminated–or if you are eliminated(!)–call “OUT” as loud as possible, raise your hand and walk off the field. Do not remove your goggles until you are back at the safe zone or in the staging area.
  • Don’t argue with the referees or judges. If a referee calls you out, simply leave the playing field. The refs are there to help you have fun and to keep it safe. Listen to them at all time.

Outside The Field

  • If you are working on your marker, always wear paintball approved goggles even if the air is disconnected.
  • Never play with anyone that is not wearing the proper goggles.
  • Always use a barrel plug when you are not playing